The latest on tuition cuts, passive investing, and budgeting with beans

The latest on tuition cuts, passive investing, and budgeting with beans

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Attention, college shoppers. These schools are slashing their prices.

—The Washington Post

Colleges are cutting tuition by as much as a third, concerned that their sticker prices are scaring off applicants. The move has exposed an open secret: Most students don’t pay full price anyway.

Index funds are king, but some indexers are passive-aggressive


When Jack Bogle came up with the idea of low-cost index funds, it propelled passive investing to the mainstream. But along the way, index funds have evolved, making some ask if they truly are passive. One thing’s certain: They still beat actively managed funds.

Bodega beans are the best thing to eat when you’re broke

Buzzfeed News

A mountain of credit card debt led this writer to learn personal finance basics and tackle a budget for the first time. She eventually was able to pay off her credit cards thanks to a simple, cheap food staple: beans.

Going back to school as a nontraditional student

The Billfold 

At 30, this writer made her way back to college, facing the challenges of applying for financial aid and attending classes as a working adult. She doesn’t regret it.

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So you already broke your financial new year’s resolution. Now what?

If you’ve already let new year’s financial goals fall by the wayside, here are some simple ways to get them back on track and maintain better money habits.

Do you need a financial therapist?

Fights about money might point to deeper psychological and emotional issues for couples. Find out whether you need a financial therapist to help sort them out.

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