The latest on SAT reversals, transforming health care, and scams that target singles

The latest on SAT reversals, transforming health care, and scams that target singles

Here are my favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


College Board drops its ‘adversity score’ for each student after backlash


The College Board is reversing its May decision to calculate a new “adversity score” to provide socioeconomic context for students’ backgrounds. The testing giant will now provide a tool offering that information to admissions counselors, but will not calculate a score.

Inside North Carolina’s big effort to transform health care

—The New York Times

The Tar Heel State has begun to reform its health care system by changing the way doctors are paid, with earnings tied to patient outcomes. The goal: Keep people healthy and out of the hospital while reducing health care spending.

As alleged $46M online-dating scam shows, lonely-hearts are the biggest target for scam artists in America


Federal authorities recently charged 80 people with stealing at least $46 million from people looking for romance online. The scam: swindling lovelorn strangers for fake “emergency” costs. Losses from online dating scams have quadrupled in recent years.

Money Talks: How a new couple handles their shared finances


A couple who’ve been dating for a year discuss how they manage money together—now that they’re living in the same house. They talk mortgage and car payments, saving up for a European vacation, and childcare expenses.

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