The latest on FAFSA influencers on Instagram and millennials who wish they’d had personal finance instruction in high school

The latest on FAFSA influencers and millennial demand for money lessons

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


How to get students to fill out the FAFSA? Enlist Instagram influencers

—The Chronicle of Higher Education

Now this is my kind of social media campaign: #ButFirstFAFSA is using Instagram influencers to sell college-bound kids on filling out financial aid applications.

High schools fail at teaching personal finance, millennials say

—The Motley Fool 

A new survey found that 76% of millennials feel personal finance lessons should be mandatory in high school, with further support for instruction in tax filing and handling student debt.

The couples and money quiz


Watch your misconceptions shatter as you take this enlightening 10-question test of your knowledge about mingling love and money.

How personal finance guru Jill Schlesinger got smart about money


A great Q&A with my esteemed former colleague about her fabulous new book, The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money. “If I can help make a few people more sane about money,” she says, “I’ve done my job!”

Craving more financial finds? Here is my latest blog post! 

Spring cleaning for cash: How to sell your unwanted stuff

When you discover unnecessary clutter during spring cleaning, sell it for cash. Just use these platforms and tips.

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