The latest on sneaky health plans, adulting, and couples counseling for money anxiety

The latest on sneaky health plans, adulting, and couples counseling for money anxiety

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Some ‘cheaper’ health plans have surprising costs


In an attempt to lower health care costs for consumers, some insurers are offering cheaper plans—with strings attached. The new plans seem to skirt rules set by the Affordable Care Act and place burdens on consumers, like inviting them to comparison-shop for a provider rather than tell them who’s in-network.

The new 30-something

—The New York Times

Many older millennials, especially those who live in cities with a high cost of living, get financial and childcare support from their parents. But few talk about it, out of shame. Without parental help, life events such as purchasing a home or having a family might be out of reach for these millennials who graduated into a recession and face massive student debt.

A simple way to get students to borrow more responsibly, according to new research


A study from Montana State University found students exposed to financial education were more likely to apply for federal financial aid rather than high-cost, private loans. The study is encouraging as more states have passed legislation to improve financial literacy in schools.

Why is it so hard for couples to talk about money—and their debt?

—Buzzfeed News

Fights about money are common among married couples, often about debt. Buzzfeed News interviewed couples about their money anxieties and the financial therapy that helped them get through it. 

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5 financial challenges for the LGBTQ community and how to face them

Members of the LGBTQ community experience more money anxiety than straight cisgender people. Even after the legalization of same-sex marriage, they still face financial challenges. Here’s what to do.

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