The latest on for-profit schools, identity theft, and soft skills at work

The latest on for-profit schools, stolen passwords, and soft skills at work

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


How can I explain why I went to a for-profit school?

Ask a Manager

While for-profit schools are so often bad financial deals, many students still end up going to them. Sometimes it’s because these students didn’t have access to the good guidance of a school counselor; other times they’re drawn to a specific program available at a local for-profit. Here, a graduate of a for-profit school wonders if her educational background will hurt her career prospects.

The market for stolen passwords


Did you know that a stolen Amazon password sells for $10? This fascinating NPR story on stolen identities is a wakeup call for those of us who are using (and reusing) the same passwords on all our accounts. There’s a digital black market out there—keep your information safe! Here’s what you can do if your data was compromised during the Equifax breach—and here’s some advice if you think a loved one might fall victim to an online scam.

A study of Indian garment workers shows the productivity power of soft skills


Parents often ask me what their kids should study in college. Is engineering more worthwhile than art history? How do I talk my kid out of a liberal arts major? But it’s not as simple as that. As companies turn to automation, soft skills are more important than ever. If you need proof, check out this study of Indian workers and productivity.

Money and love: Are you “normal”? Here’s how most people handle financial hurdles in relationships.


I’ve written about how different generations talk to their partners about money, and I love this topic. The bottom line is, whether you’re a millennial or a Boomer, it’s important to have honest, constructive conversations about your finances. In the long run, your relationship with thank you.

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A program that takes kids from NYC stages to college success

At The Possibility Project, NYC high school students create original performances based on their life experiences. Last week I talked to them about their next big real-life role: college, and how to afford it.

Financial apps for couples of all tech levels

There are plenty of apps out there for couples looking to manage their money together. Whether you’re super-tech-savvy or a Luddite, you and your partner can get started with one of these. 

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