The latest on Bitcoin ETFs, the gender pay gap, and the cashless future

The latest on Bitcoin ETFs, the gender pay gap, and the cashless future

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Bitcoin ETFs roadblocked by lack of safeguards, SEC’s chief says


The Securities and Exchange Commission is refusing to approve Bitcoin ETFs because of a lack of investor protections—a reminder that Bitcoin itself is highly risky and unstable.

Sweden’s push to get rid of cash has some saying, ‘Not so fast’

–The New York Times

Cash-free retailers and restaurants are on the rise despite concerns about their impact on communities of color. In Sweden, the move toward a completely cashless society has government officials questioning its societal costs and economic impact. My advice? Stick with cash.

You’ve heard that women make 80 cents to men’s dollar. A new report says it’s much worse than that.


The Institute for Women’s Policy Research has revealed a gender pay gap nearly twice as large as previously reported: Women make just 49 cents for every dollar a man makes. The research includes women who temporarily drop out of the labor force to care for family (the “care chasm”), arguing that paid family leave needs to be part of the discussion about closing the gender pay gap.

What happened when I instituted wage transparency at my coffeeshop

The Billfold

Companies have long made sharing salaries taboo. But openness about pay could empower workers, lessen money anxiety, and narrow the gender pay gap. This coffeeshop manager decided to implement wage transparency at her workplace. Here’s how she did it.

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