The DIY bailout

The DIY bailout

Do-it-yourself bailout

Major financial institutions got a bailout. You might be wondering: Where’s mine? Lucky for you, Beth Kobliner teamed up with national radio show The Takeaway to give the American people a way to bail themselves out of money trouble.  Whether you’re shaken by the recession or just plain confused about finance, this is your 10-step plan to get back on track.

Content excerpted with permission from The Takeaway, 2010

1. Talk about money

Want to fix your finances? Start by opening up. On the first episode of DIY Bailout, Beth explains how to raise this touchy topic with your partner, friends, and even yourself. Listen now!

2. Set priorities

Getting your finances in order can be overwhelming — where do you even begin? In episode #2, Beth whittles it down to three easy tasks. Take a listen.

3. Tackle your taxes

Whether you do your own taxes or hire an accountant, Beth explains how to get every single penny you deserve. Tune in to episode #3 to find out.

4. Improve your credit score

What is a credit score, why is it so important, and how can you improve yours? Note: A low credit score can cost you tens of thousands of dollars! Beth explains everything in episode #4 — just press the play button.

5. Trick yourself into saving

In a down economy, saving can seem like a pipedream. Thankfully, Beth’s here to show us how to stash our cash — and never even miss it! Episode #5 has all the details.

6. Negotiate with anyone

Haggling is a given in other countries, but how can you get a deal on hotel rates, credit card interest, and plenty more right here in the U.S.? (Hint: Don’t throw a fit like this lady.) Tune in now!

7. Make a tough decision

If you need to prioritize, is it smarter to save for your children’s college fund or your own retirement? Beth helps us sort out this dilemma in episode #7.

8. Check your insurance

Car, home, health, life, travel, renter’s: How much insurance do you really need? Beth breaks it down. Listen to episode #8 to make sure you’re not overpaying!

9. Invest wisely

Beth runs through the basics of investing and explains why your money might be safer in the stock market than stuffed in your sock drawer — an episode everyone should listen to!

10. Mix money and love

Surprising stat: Feeling that one’s spouse has wasted money increases the chances of divorce by 45%. Before you have another money fight, tune in to episode # 10, the final chapter of the DIY Bailout.

Thanks for tuning in — now go bail out yourself!

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