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save money

How do I tell my friends I can’t afford our pricey group activities?

How to talk to your friends if going out with them is making you broke.

Should your child pitch in for school items?

Families will spend about $689 on school essentials, up 14% from last year. Who pays: parents or kids?

3 ways to save (without skimping) this Thanksgiving

Holiday expenses can often make you feel helpless. Prices skyrocket each year, so the chance of catching a deal feels slim. Plus, no one wants to be accused of being cheap in a season of giving.

Save hundreds on your next vacation

Planning a last-minute summer getaway? Good for you! Studies show that spending on experiences is likely to make you happier than spending on stuff. But that doesn't mean you should pay full price.

Simple behavioral tricks to get yourself to save more money

Think you’ve tried everything to save more money but are still coming up short of your goals? Here are five tips to boost your bottom line, based in the increasingly popular field of behavioral economics.