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money lessons

Teach your kids how to budget using this holiday-themed pie activity

Follow this simple-as-pie recipe for teaching your kids smart spending.

4 ways to teach toddlers about money

Some great quotes from "How Toddlers Thrive" by Dr. Tovah Klein, and how to start young when it comes to talking to kids about money.

5 super simple money lessons to teach kids of all ages

Small lessons you can teach now that will take the pressure off of you, and start your kid down the path to becoming a money-savvy adult.

5 money lessons kids learn from going on vacation

Whisking the family away for Thanksgiving or the holidays? Your kids will surely learn a thing or two while you’re cruising down the road.

How young is too young to teach kids about money?

Research shows that kids as young as three years old can learn about money. And fear not! Kids don’t need math skills to build good financial habits.

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