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emergency fund

My wife and I disagree on how to spend our tax refund

Should your tax refund be used to pay down debt or take a breather?

Infographic: How to prioritize your savings and debts

Confused about what your money priorities should be? My handy flowchart will help you figure out when to save and when to pay off debt.

Dealing with a huge medical bill with no health insurance

Serena was uninsured and healthy. Then, she got appendicitis—and a hefty hospital bill.

New evidence of Americans’ financial fragility

A new survey shows that not only do many people not have any emergency savings, they don't even have a financial Plan B – no credit, no family to rely on, no belongings to pawn.

Got cash? Smart things to do with your holiday loot

If you were one of the lucky people who got cash instead of stuff this holiday season, don't spend it all yet!

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