Workforce1: A New York City job searcher's best friend

Workforce1: A New York City job searcher’s best friend

If you’re unemployed, useful and affordable resources can be hard to find. But you may not know about Workforce1, a chain of career centers provided by New York City that connect people to job openings, training, and career development services. Best part? It’s FREE.

And the services they offer really do work: In 2009, Workforce1 placed 25,000 New Yorkers in jobs—even when unemployment was at 9.5% in the city.

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Workforce1 welcomes job seekers of all levels (as long as you’re 18+), from folks with no GED to those with a master’s degree. Annie Norbeck, a senior advisor at Workforce1, told me about a college grad who, after being unemployed for two years, benefited from the center’s interview, resume, and job search workshops and landed a job at a non-profit for $14/hour. She also told me about someone with a master’s degree and five years of experience who received computer training through the center and nabbed a job for $70K, a $10K increase from his last job.

Interested? First, find a Workforce1 center near you (there’s at least one in every borough) and attend an orientation session. Then, determine which services make sense—workshops, training, one-on-one counseling, job search resources. The center also conducts on-site job interviews, so dress professionally and bring your resume every time you go!

Not a New Yorker? Services like Workforce1 are provided throughout the country. Try CareerOneStop to find help near you.

What services—free or paid—have been most helpful to you or people you know?


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