Do you love your job?

Do you love your job?

Love and money intersect in a lot of ways—but here’s a new one.

A survey by the global staffing firm Randstad finds that worker satisfaction is on the up:

  • 55% of American workers love their jobs
  • 66% say it’s because of the work they do
  • and 62% feel their employers really care about them

It may sound silly to talk about whether or not you love your job. After all, people who have jobs today are pretty darn lucky, given the stubbornly high unemployment rate. Still. This is great news.

Just a year ago I saw findings to the contrary, with only 45% of workers feeling content—the lowest in 22 years. Folks weren’t finding their jobs interesting and surely felt down in the dumps about salary freezes, layoffs, benefit cuts, and more.

Now that some people have found new jobs they like better, and more companies are able to restore benefits, it makes sense that workers are happier. And mental health on the job is extremely important: We spend a full third of the day in the workplace (and laptops and Blackberrys easily create a 24/7 work cycle), so it’s obviously ideal if the work brings us joy.

Loving what you do may have financial benefits, too, in the form of beefed-up earning potential. There’s some evidence that your commitment to and satisfaction with your work makes you more productive on the job. And of course, being a star in your boss’s eyes can often lead to promotions and higher pay. Score!

And by all means, if your company wants to show you some love (in the form of paid vacation days, solid health insurance, and a generous 401(k) match, I hope!), take all you can get. Remember, those benefits can add up to 30% to your salary, so not taking advantage is like saying “no” to money with your name on it.

Are you feeling the love in your career?

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