Video: Watch Elmo and me on Good Morning America!

Video: Watch Elmo and me on Good Morning America!

Now you can watch the video of Elmo and me, live from GMA this morning!

We had so much fun chatting with hosts Lara Spencer (below) and Josh Elliott all about how to spend, share, and save money—the key concepts behind Sesame Street’s money project, “For Me, for You, for Later.”

Loved going behind-the-scenes at GMA and seeing the hosts, George and Robin, and special guest Emeril (!), who was cooking up asparagus risotto. It smelled delicious!

But, of course, the special guy I was looking forward to seeing most was Elmo! (No offense, George, Josh, and Emeril!) Here we are on the GMA couch, reunited at last.

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Have a great weekend!

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