I'm in Chicago with the President's Advisory Council!

I’m in Chicago with the President’s Advisory Council!

What a month! Went to D.C. for a Council meeting last week, and now I’m in Chicago. This trip’s also for the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability, but this time around the Council’s Youth Subcommittee will conduct a “listening session” on teaching financial capability in the Chicago Public Schools.

Our goal is to hear what’s working in financial education in Chicago, and see if there are any initiatives we can scale nationwide to help all young Americans leave school financially prepared.

To that end, this morning I’ll moderate a roundtable discussion with several inspiring panelists, including Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie Neely, and others from organizations that advance financial literacy and access.

So many questions to discuss: What are the greatest challenges of teaching financial lessons? What kinds of barriers keep young people unbanked? Why don’t enough aspiring college students apply for financial aid? How does encouraging entrepreneurism inspire young adults to better manage their money?

Looking forward to a great conversation! I’ll report back on what we discover.

Did you learn about personal finance in school? Did any lessons stick with you?

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