The first President's Advisory Council meeting of 2012!

The first President’s Advisory Council meeting of 2012!

Hello from D.C.! The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability meets today, and I’m excited to really make things happen in 2012. Speaking of which…
As a member of the Council’s Youth Subcommittee, I’m helping develop a national initiative for families called Money Milestones: 20 things kids need to know to live financially smart lives.

My colleague Dan Kadlec just wrote a piece about it for TIME magazine’s website, and you can see the latest draft of the Money Milestones on the Treasury’s website.

The Money Milestones are a work-in-progress. We’re still getting feedback from experts, academics, and folks like you. Take a look and tell me what you think—post a comment below or email me.

Many thanks to my fellow Council members and everyone who’s helped—and will continue to help—push this forward!

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