The latest on the positive effects of working moms, evicting a boomerang kid, and the controversy over what you should have done by age 35

The latest on working moms, evicting your adult kid, and what you should have done by age 35

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What should you have done by age 35?

The Nib

The final, hilarious word on a MarketWatch tweet (“By 35, you should have twice your salary saved, according to retirement experts”) that inspired a raging debate online.

Judge backs N.Y. parents, saying their 30-year-old son must move out


The saga of Michael Rotondo includes a series of eviction notices from his own parents and a dramatic day in court. Take it from me: You and your kid don’t have to let it get this far.

Girls with working moms get better jobs and higher pay, according to research


This “mic drop of a study,” as Money calls it, is a fact-based love letter to working moms, with research from 29 countries. A lawyer mom I know said after reading this: “We couldn’t be everywhere at once, though we tried!”

What the Supreme Court decision means for workers—especially if you work at a private company


This week’s Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis ruling means workers will be forced into one-on-one arbitration to settle disputes. As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote in her dissent, taking the possibility of a class-action lawsuit off the table will embolden shady employers to skirt the law in taking advantage of their workers.

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Clueless when it comes to buying a home? My new visual guide explains all.

Teen Boss and the rise of the get-rich childhood

When you ask your kid what she wants to be when she grows up, does she say, “YouTuber”?

States want to help retirement savers. Let them.

Some 55 million American workers don’t have employer-sponsored retirement plans. A handful of states have a solution we should get behind.

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