The latest on mental health and money, Peace Corps, and financial anxiety

The latest on mental health and money, affording the Peace Corps, and financial anxiety

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Making the most of my service with limited savings

Peace Corps

An inspiring personal story from a former Peace Corps volunteer about how his childhood money values helped him during his time abroad, and how he had a fulfilling, incredible experience despite financial limitations

Balancing mental health and financial needs

The Billfold

An honest look at what struggling with mental health can look like from a financial perspective. An important read for anyone who has found themselves trying to navigate the two challenges.

I’m really anxious about money and I feel like I have no one to talk to

The Cut

What do you do if you’re stressed about your finances but none of your friends want to talk money with you? It is, in some ways, the last taboo—women are more likely to talk about their own death than about money.

How to manage our obligation to parents who may be financially irresponsible

Washington Post

If you find yourself having to provide for your parents financially, it can be difficult if they are irresponsible with money. Here’s advice from Michelle Singletary on having that conversation. First order of business: a family meeting.

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