The latest on retirement planning for teens and the history of Labor Day

The latest on retirement planning for teens and the history of Labor Day

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


New on parents’ to-do list: Checking children’s credit history

Wall Street Journal

Kids are increasingly being targeted by identity thieves. A new law going into effect on Sept. 21 aims to fight fraud by allowing parents to check their kid’s credit file and freeze it at no cost.

Retirement planning in high school? It’s never too early, experts say

The New York Times

As your teen starts earning money from summer jobs, you might want to start talking to her about saving for retirement. (I know, groan.) This can be as simple as explaining compound interest and opening a Roth IRA together.

The incredible, rage-inducing inside story of America’s student debt machine

Mother Jones

Only 139 people enrolled in Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness are expected to have their loans forgiven this year. Hundreds of thousands are trying, but the education department is not making it easy.

Labor Day 2018: What is the U.S. holiday and why was it created?

The Independent

While you’re out at that family BBQ this Labor Day weekend drinking up the last weeks of summer, brush up on the history behind the holiday and the reasons we celebrate it.

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Labor unions are gaining popularity in the world of media as journalists advocate for better wages, pay equality, and job security.

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Entrepreneurial teens are turning to Instagram for their summer jobs. With just a few thousand followers, they can get paid for posting content. Here’s how.

Money lessons from Crazy Rich Asians

The summer blockbuster reckons with wealth, class, gender, and family—and if you look beyond the extravagance, you can find some solid money lessons.

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