The latest on political candidates with student debt and the childhood gender gap

The latest on political candidates with student debt and the childhood gender gap

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


A ‘generationally perpetuated’ pattern: Daughters do more chores

The New York Times

The gender gap starts at home. New research shows that daughters do more chores, and they are paid less allowance. As parents, we need to be mindful of our unconscious biases and try to raise our girls to be just as financially savvy as our boys.

Customers used to come for a loan. Now, they come for pizza.

The New York Times

As brick-and-mortar banks close up shop in favor of digital services, teller windows are transformed into chefs’ kitchens and pharmacy counters.

New generation of candidates saddled with student debt—and not afraid to talk about it

The Mercury News

Many of today’s political candidates have intimate experience with the $1.5 trillion student debt crisis. And they’re likely to boost efforts to help struggling borrowers.

You Need Help: Your girlfriend makes more money than you, just wants to have fun


What do you do if your partner makes more than you—and spends more than you? Have an honest conversation about it.

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