The latest on preparing for maternity leave and microchip implants

The latest on preparing for maternity leave and microchip implants

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Doing Money Series: Preparing for maternity leave

The Billfold

From opening a claim for short-term disability to filing for paid parental leave with her employer, here’s how one woman prepared for maternity leave.

Why many college dropouts are returning to school in North Carolina

The Atlantic

Three public colleges in North Carolina have an innovative pricing plan to combat the growing student debt crisis—and are welcoming college dropouts who want to return to school.

Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips under their skin


Would you get a chip implant that stores your personal information? People in Sweden may soon be able to make purchases…using a microchip in their arm. I’m already wary of credit cards, so this really gets under my skin!

My boss insists on knowing how I’ll spend my time off


Is your boss entitled to know how you spend your accrued personal time off? If it’s part of your benefits package, Alison Green at Ask a Manager says absolutely not—but here’s what to say if your employer presses you.

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Talking out of school: Educators on financial literacy

I had the chance to meet some early childhood educators and teachers at the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference.

Breed is good: Pets in money-themed Halloween costumes

Halloween’s around the corner, which means it’s time to look at pets in cute money-themed costumes!

How to throw any party for less

Here are some ways to throw a great party for any age or occasion—without spending tons of money.

How do I get my partner to dial back her money obsession?

While keeping tabs on your money is great, here’s what you can do if your partner takes it too far and obsesses over your shared finances.

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