The latest on working too long, pricey engagement rings, and how the hot job market caters to women

The latest on working too long, pricey engagement rings, and how the hot job market caters to women

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Why working till whenever is a risky retirement strategy

—The New York Times

Many workers plan to work well past their 60s but have to retire earlier than expected because of health problems or job losses. These premature retirees tell their cautionary tales and show why a backup retirement plan is a must.

Younger generations say ‘I don’t’ to high-cost engagement rings


According a TD Ameritrade survey, two-thirds of younger Americans think an engagement ring should cost under $2,500, less than half the average ring’s price. Most millennials are likely paying the bill for their own weddings as well, although most parents surveyed said they expect to contribute.

Hot job market is wooing women into workforce faster than men


For nearly two decades, women were leaving the workforce at a greater rate than men, but in recent years, women have been reversing that trend. Why? With the country at nearly full employment, employers are extending family-friendly benefits such as flexible hours and paid leave, as well as offering jobs traditionally taken by men and competitive pay to women.

I spent my entire life savings in a year but I’m clawing my way back


With job instability and crippling debt, many young adults turn to their parents for help. But what happens when that safety net disintegrates? Here’s a young British woman’s heartbreaking tale.

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What college career counselors have to say about Gen Z and work

Gen Z is entering the workforce (believe it or not). And they have clear ideas about what makes a good career. Here’s what college career services folks have to say.

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