The latest on drunken shopping, paid time off, and how Obamacare has affected women’s health

The latest on drunken shopping, paid time off, and how Obamacare has affected women’s health

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


The 2019 drunk shopping census

—The Hustle 

A recent survey found that 79% of respondents have made at least one purchase while drunk. This look at a lush and lucrative spending phenomenon breaks down what they drank and how much they spent.

The benefit workers want most is less work


From free lunches to onsite dry cleaning, employers offer perks to retain workers and keep them happy. But what many employees want, as revealed in a MetLife survey, is unlimited paid time off.

Obamacare has been great for women’s health


The American Journal of Preventive Medicine has published a new study declaring that the Affordable Care Act has significantly improved women’s health. The authors hope their findings make lawmakers consider the impact of policy changes on women’s health and preventive care.

What my immigrant family taught me about money

—The Cut

Everyone’s relationship with money starts at home. A writer details the impact her immigrant family has had on her finances.

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The dark side of over-the-top college acceptance celebrations

College-bound teens are posting acceptance letters on social media, going viral, and adding more stress to the stressful college process.

Spring break finance: How to handle money when you’re traveling with friends

Vacationing with your best buds is superfun, until someone isn’t paying their fair share. Make sure you talk money with your friends before hitting the road.

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