The latest on child care, money lessons, and why some high school graduates don’t enroll in college—even if they’re accepted

The latest on child care challenges and ‘summer melt’ for would-be college students

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What I learned from my parents about money


Parents are the #1 influence on their kids’ money habits. See this in action in a great collection of real women talking about lifelong money lessons from their parents.

Think summer child care is tough? Low-income families deal with that all year

The New York Times

Over 40% of children live with parents who have nontraditional working hours. Child care is already difficult and expensive, but it’s even tougher for low-income families who don’t have regular schedules.

This woman teaches personal finance to prison inmates


Your heartwarming story of the week: Becky MacDicken put 18,000 miles on a state car last year helping Pennsylvania inmates looking to reenter society brush up on their financial literacy, educating them on everything from credit scores to budgeting.

Why so many poor kids who get into college don’t end up enrolling


Millions of high schoolers who plan to attend college after graduation don’t end up at freshman orientation come fall. Here’s why this phenomenon, called “summer melt,” happens.

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You’ve got financial worry. When should you tell your kids?

Sharing your financial troubles with your kids can cause them stress. Here’s my advice on when it’s necessary to have a talk about money.

Here’s how students lose when Betsy DeVos backs for-profit colleges

Students defrauded by for-profit colleges might find it harder to get loan forgiveness, as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos backs proposals making it more difficult for students to qualify.

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