November 2012 - Beth Kobliner


Over my career, I’ve been fortunate to bring my money message to dozens of TV, radio, print, and digital outlets.

Press & In the Media

MintFamily with Beth Kobliner: Allowance on Autopilot

Do allowance websites make kids more—or less—money savvy? Beth weighs the pros and cons.

Allowance, Modern Family, and My Family

Upon discovering that "Luke" on Modern Family is paid $70,000 per episode, but still gets only $30 per week in allowance, Beth rethinks her own family's allowance rules in her latest Huffington Post blog.

MintFamily with Beth Kobliner: Allowance, ‘Modern Family,’ and My Family

After learning that "Luke" from 'Modern Family' makes $70,000 per episode, yet only gets an allowance of $30 per week, Beth reexamines her own family's allowance system.

Websites encourage kids to learn about finance online

Virtual bank accounts allow parents to deposit allowance online and teach kids about spending and saving. Beth Kobliner's advice for parents: Use cash.

Allowance and kids: 5 tips for building a system

Beth shares the allowance tips that worked for her family and explains how parents can improve their systems in her interview for Yahoo! Finance in Canada.