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Make Your Kid a Money Genius: The activity kit

Here is a fun activity kit to help you teach your kid money skills—everything from smart spending to charitable giving!

Which money virtue is most important to instill in your child?

Poll the Parents: In our latest survey, parents had to make a tough choice: What’s the ultimate money virtue to instill in your kid?

100 years of cookies: How the girl scouts have been baking up money geniuses for a whole century

Guess what these girls wanted to buy with all that hard-earned cookie money?

5 ways to make sure those gift cards keep on giving

Gift cards are a great opportunity to teach your kids valuable money lessons, from decision-making to budgeting.

Did you stick to your budget for the kids’ presents this holiday season?

Poll the Parents: Parents confessed whether they stuck to their budget or went for broke when buying presents for their kids this past holiday season.

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