The over-the-top kid party trend continues

The over-the-top kid party trend continues

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a new TLC series, “Outrageous Kid Parties,” in which parents throw wedding-caliber soirees for barely potty-trained children clad in ball gowns. And it’s outrageous, indeed.

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In the first episode, 6-year-old Gracie’s mother spends more than $30,000 on a party for 150-plus guests, who get treated to a pony-drawn Cinderella carriage (for Gracie), costumed dancers, fancy floral centerpieces, and a nine-tier birthday cake.

Of course, we’ve seen this before. Parents, rich and poor, who spend extravagantly on their kids are not only trying to keep up with the Joneses—on some level, they’re confusing money with love. But when it comes to providing for your children, more is not more.

This show seems to be hitting a nerve, maybe because it reeks of wanton waste, shocking

values, and poor parenting at a time when so many people are still suffering from the recession, as this article in The Week points out.

Photo courtesy of TLC

What makes me cringe even more: Gracie’s family is not rich, but rather spending way beyond their means, according to the San Francisco Gate’s Mommy Files blog.

I’m on a mission these days to convince people that kids need to be taught responsible money values from a very early age. So needless to say, I think it’s sad to see parents putting such irresponsible, pointless consumption on display. A 6-year-old who pushes for $3,000 invitations to her birthday party clearly hasn’t been taught about wants vs. needs.

Do you think kid party spending is out of control?

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