Should you let your adult kid move back home?

Your recent college grad wants to move back home. Yes or no?

This week’s online poll asks whether you’ve already turned your kid’s bedroom into an office.

There they are on the front steps, diplomas in hand and smelly duffel bags at their feet. And they want to get back inside your home. This week’s Poll the Parents asked whether your college grad can boomerang back under your roof.

Here are the results:

First off, almost three-quarters of you are total softies—and that’s not a bad thing. As Seton Corica Tomford wrote on Facebook: “Recent grads still have nothing.” So true. Those months after college are difficult even for the scrappiest, most driven young grads. Many are still looking for work, and the clock is ticking. In six months, their student loan servicers will come calling, assuming they’re among the two-thirds of college grads with student debt.

Obviously, this is a personal decision. If you do allow them back, though, transition time at the old homestead can be a huge boost—if you and your kid agree to some ground rules. For one, they need to save up for a first apartment and a three-month emergency fund. Why the cushion? Financial setbacks are common right out of college. You don’t want them boomeranging right back again if a job falls through or their car breaks down. You should also agree on how your grown kid will contribute to the house. Some parents ask them to chip in for groceries. Others dust off the old chore chart and give their kids household duties. Many parents even ask for rent—which is fine, as long as it leaves room for them to save money.

The thing is to get this in writing. Seriously. A simple agreement now can help you avoid misunderstandings and slammed doors. (That’s right, slammed doors are back, too.)


This mom is on to you—all of you: “There will of course be rules linked to financial planning—short-term (Seamless isn’t free because it’s my credit card) and long-term.” —Liliana Vaamonde

Winners of the empty nest award: Claudia Vigil Rutherford (“Yes yes yes!!!!”) and Susan Altman Hardy (“Of course!!!”). Seriously, kids, call your mothers.

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